The DO


A modern organisation working for the Terra Alta DO


The Regulatory Council manages the “Terra Alta” designation of origin. It was set up as a decentralised Catalan Government agency following the official recognition of the “Terra Alta” DO in 1982. Then under the Wine Regulation Act 15/2002 of 27 June, in 2005 the Regulatory Council was given full legal capacity to carry out its duties and was re-established as a public-law corporation.

The Regulatory Council always emphasises the values of the terroir, the vineyards and the culture that define a designation of origin. It combines private and public management to represent, uphold, protect and promote the “Terra Alta” DO to drive the wine industry’s growth in the production area and make sure “Terra Alta” wines are appreciated by consumers of fine wines.


The Governing Board

Joan Arrufí




Xavier Alanyà, Antònia Aguiló, Josep Pere Colat, Marc Paladella, Francesc Andreu Julià i Josep Vicens

Wine Growers


Elias Gil

La Vinícola de Gandesa


Roger Suñé, del Celler Rialla; Josep Fuster, d’Agrícola Fuster; Núria Altés

Celler Herència Altes


Xavier Clua

Celler Xavier Clua


Joan Arrufí

Altavins Viticultors

The Regulatory Council consists of winegrowers and wineries that are committed to the “Terra Alta” DO as a general strategy for quality assurance, differentiation and market positioning. The Governing Committee, the Chair, the Secretary and a specialist technical team make up its organisational structure.

The corporation has jurisdiction over the geographical area where the protected products are produced, processed, stored, aged and packaged, and the people who are members of the community. Its duties under the Act and any others considered essential for achieving the designation of origin’s purposes are divided into five strategic areas or roles:


REGULATION of the production, processing, ageing and packaging conditions and the specific features of the protected wines, as set out in the Specifications.


Supervising and MONITORING the operators (winegrowers and wineries) and the movements of protected products, while also providing work tools and a system to ensure the traceability and quality of the protected products.


CERTIFICATION of the wineries to check compliance with the conditions required of the protected products in an external audit.

Technical services

Delivering TECHNICAL SERVICES to operators, supporting their production management by providing services and sponsoring or supporting studies and research on matters of interest for the designation of origin.


PROMOTION of the “Terra Alta” designation of origin, the umbrella brand which identifies the protected wines’ origin and quality.