The inland Mediterranean, the key in the production area

The production and processing area of DO Terra Alta (DOTA) is in the southern part of Catalonia between the River Ebro and the border with Aragon. It takes in the 12 towns in the county of la Terra Alta.

Its landscape retains all the characteristic features of an inland terroir close to the Mediterranean: pre-coastal limestone ranges (Ports d’Horta, Pàndols and Cavalls), small rivers (the Algars and the Canaletes), mountains of conglomerate rock, holm oak and white pine forests, and most of all agricultural soils painted with typical Mediterranean crops: almond trees, vines and olives.

Three clearly separate landscape features of agricultural interest can be added to this structure: la Plana, l’Altiplà and les Valls.

        • Crop soils generally have medium textures. Their common denominator is their richness in limestone, and they are low in organic matter
        • The TADO’s catalogue of soils classifies up to 17 profiles, including el Panal
        • Another trait of its inland Mediterranean identity is its climate, with lots of sunshine and little rainfall.
        • Two special features stand out: a distinctive balance between the two dominant winds, the Cerç (north-westerly) and the Garbinades (strong southerly winds off the sea), and cold winters which give it a continental touch.
mapa tearra alta bo_2